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Q: I have never ordered a web site before, where do I start?
A: Please contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements and we will explain the whole process and agree on the next phase. This involves domain name search, registration and server set up for your new web site.

Q. What kind of information will you need from me?
A. Company logos, colour scheme, business cards, marketing and advertising materials, text and photos.

Q. How do I send you the information including the text and pictures?
A. You can post, email or send pictures on a CD or memory stick. Text should be in MS WORD format, graphics in *.gif format and pictures in *.jpg or *.png format. Please label the pictures clearly indicating which page of your website you would like the information to go on, if possible. Failing that we have the ability to scan your photos for use on your website.

Q. How do I send the text?
A. The quickest way to get text onto your website is to email the information as a Microsoft WORD document. You can also send the information on CD or a memory stick or you can post it in paper format and we will re-type into your web page. As with pictures, text should be clearly labeled with page 1, page 2, etc or with the title of the relevant page -e.g. 'About Us if possible'.

Q. What are your typical costs?
A. Details of cost can be found HERE

Q. How do I pay?
A. I require confirmation (email or letter) that our terms and conditions are acceptable and that you would like to contract us to continue to design and host your web site. For small website under £500 a single invoice will be issued on customer acceptance of the website. For larger projects a deposit of £250 for the Starter Package will be required. Cheques to be made payable to ' TRIOLOGIK Ltd'.

Q. Why do you need a deposit?
A. To register your domain and set up your website server.

Q. What Happens Then?
A. Once we have agreed on your requirements we will begin to design your website. We produce an initial draft which we host on the internet in a Customer Demonstration area. We aim to have a draft design ready for your approval within 7/14 working days. If you are happy with the draft design we will then create your website in the same style.

Q. How long does the process take?
A. It really depends on the complexity of your website and how quickly we agree on your specific requirements and we receive all the relevant materials. It could be up to 30 days to complete a design and once I have received the final payment the site becomes live.

Q. What is the 'Typical' solution to designing a new website?
A. A typical solution is based upon 3 stages as outlined below:


Stage One - Initial Requirements Specification
Following an initial meeting to discuss your requirements and the functionality, look and feel of your website we will produce a detailed specification and costing for review, amendment and final agreement. The website address (domain name/url) is agreed and registered by us (subject to availability) and a holding page set up on our dedicated servers showing your company details.

Stage Two - Prototyping
A draft website is produced to define the 'look and feel' and is hosted on our Customer Demonstration server to allow for your review of progress to date. The initial draft is intended to identify a set of features which may then be refined into an acceptable design. Once the design has been agreed a
ppropriate search phrases will also be researched and agreed, so that the website will achieve a reasonable position in the search engines.

Stage Three - Build and Review
When an acceptable draft design has been agreed, the functionality is added, the system is tested and optimised for search engines. At this point your new website will be 'released' onto the desired web address (URL) and made available to the general public.

After Release
Following release, we will market the website by submitting to appropriate free directories and search engines. It should be noted that Google may take up to 6 months for your website to appear on the front page of the rankings.

Your website design quotation includes the first year of hosting and minor ongoing updates. The annual management fee includes 12 months hosting on our dedicated servers, continued domain name registration and minor in year updates and website promotions. Any major re-designs will be subject to further requirements capture and quotation.

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