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i4site offers you an affordable and reliable business website design and hosting solution. Your website will be individually designed to meet your specific requirements and 'uploaded' utilising our site hosting facility. We will register you company domain name:

      • http://www.<your business>
        (Subject to availability)

and set up POP3 E-mail addresses:

      • sales@<your business>
      •<your business>
      • anything you like@<your business>

Our dedicated servers are set up to provide:

  • E-mail autoresponders, mailing lists, mail boxes and spam filters
  • Password protection features that allow you to run your own "members only area".
  • Web Site Search Engine
  • Guestbook
  • Web Site Advertiser
  • Formmail
  • Text Clock
  • Advanced 400/500 Error Page
  • Viewing your web site statistics online
  • Install graphical & text counters
  • Install web site hit's logger
  • Unlimited POP3 E-mail Boxes
  • Unlimited E-mail Addresses
  • Unlimited Announcement Lists
  • Unlimited E-mail Autoresponders
  • Unlimited Spam Filters
  • MySQL databases - upto 10 per account
  • Webalizer Graphical Statistics
  • Full CGI & SSI Capabilities
  • Customised error messages
To receive a quotation please e-mail us with details of your company requirements and we will be pleased to provide you with a very competitive quotation.
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